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The International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement: 1st of May Group


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A study of the origins and development of the revolutionary anarchist movement in Europe 1945–73 with particular reference to the First of May Group.

"At the end of April 1966 Mrg. Marcos Ussia, the ecclesiastical adviser to the Spanish Embassy in the Vatican, disappeared while returning from the Embassy to his home in the suburbs of Rome. A few days later the First of May group announced its existence in Rome, while a CNT militant in Madrid announced that Ussia had been kidnapped to draw attention to the plight of Franco's prisoners. The priest was released unharmed after fifteen days of intensive and fruitless searches by Italian, Swiss, and French police. Later, five anarchist comrades (men and women) were arrested in Madrid, accused of preparing to kidnap a high-ranking military officer in the American Army. In 1967 and 1968 attacks were made on the offices of American civil and military centres throughout Europe and on the embassies of the Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Bolivian and Uruguayan Governments (among others). Following simultaneous actions in Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy, the First of May Group and the International Solidarity Movement issued a manifesto calling on all revolutionaries to practice effective solidarity with all victims of the class struggle. The existence of the Anarchist activist groups encouraged a wide section of the revolutionary left, not explicitly anarchist but certainly libertarian, to step up the struggle and shake themselves free of non-combative elements. Their message was that the struggle is not on the other side of the world but exists in countries dominated by State capitalism and State Communism as well as in the capitalist and fascist countries. Their call for revolution resounded throughout Europe."

Edited by Albert Meltzer. New small-format paperback edition by Active Distribution and Elephant Editions, 2017.


Meltzer, Albert (ed.): The International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement: 1st of May Group

Elephant Editions / Active Distribution 2017. 133 pages, paperback. New.

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